Review of The Tapestry by Margaret Allen

Nothing is ever as it seems….

Selina is a young girl who has known loss. When we meet her she is dressing her grandmother’s body in preparation for the woman’s funeral. As she explains, she came to live with her grandmother when both of her parents were killed by some sort of plague. While Selina had her basic needs of food and shelter provided for, the woman to whom she was sent to live with after the passing of her parents, gave little in the way of affection. She was in no way mean to Selina, she was simply a woman resigned to her lot in life. That lot was one that included penance for her sins to the church. In a sense, her grandmother lived her life working for the church, paying the price for a long ago “sin”, simply so that she would be provided last rites and receive a proper Christian burial.

While the woman was accepting of this life, Selina was not for herself. She knew that more existed. Still a young girl with no one to care for her after her grandmother died, the church found her a home that would take her in. On the surface it seemed that Selina would be once again working for a recluse of an old woman with little contact with the life outside of the home she worked in. Once arrived at her new home Selina would soon enter into a mystery in which she couldn’t even believe. Magic and danger lurked around every corner, but also did love, destiny and redemption.

Nothing was as it seemed, as she was told when first entering her new home.

I loved every second of reading this novel. I couldn’t put it down. It was a very engaging read and I hope for more by this author.

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