Antuna’s Story by Terry Birdgenaw-Review

Quite the allegory for modern times. I truly wasn’t terribly interested in reading a story about literal ants, but I was very pleasantly surprised and will likely read the other books in the series. 

Due to how different this book is, it is difficult to write about without spoilers. With that said, I highly suggest parents reading it with their child. There are MANY moments in this book that can be used for teaching your children important lessons on life. You will see how prejudice and injustice form from tiny, seemingly insignificant seeds, to something of monumental importance. The same seeds form with war and the like. You can teach how it is imperative to stop these seeds before they have a chance to grow. There are also many silly and lighthearted moments that can be enjoyed with your child.

It is rare to find a book in this genre suited for family reading. It was refreshing to take a look at this book

While it isn’t necessarily the book for me, with the right audience it will soar. It is a series that I am adding to my library.

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