Shadow of Fire by Kate Schumacher-Review

“People have a way of believing what suits them.”

A very long time ago humans arrived on the lands of the Fae and were welcomed onto those lands. The two groups quickly worked to learn from one another and grew a new community. The Fae started families with the humans and many generations would be born with Fae gifts. Unfortunately, human life is far shorter than the lifespan of these wondrous beings and the Fae grew weary of watching their offspring and loved ones die long before them. The Fae decided to retreat back to their forest lands and separated from the humans. Their blood, however, continues on through the human population creating halfkins, some born with magic, some not.

All children are tested to see if they have an elemental gift and are then sent for training if they do. Earth, air, and water magic are the elements humans are sometimes born with, fire having been not seen for a hundred years. Fire magic terrifies the humans due to the rift.

The rift was created like this. The new Fae King and his sisters could not agree on how to deal with the humans. The siblings eventually went to war amongst themselves because of this. Faleria and King Rhodri wanted to attempt to continue living in peace with the humans while Kiarda wished to destroy those she saw as invaders. Faleria sought to contain Kiarda and in doing so created a rift in the earth of fire.

While fire magic hadn’t been seen in 100 years, one would be born with that frightening gift. Due to this circumstance out of her control, she would be hunted and forced to face her destiny.

The world building in this book is phenomenal. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. This book does have multiple narrators, 9 I believe. It can be somewhat difficult to follow at first but quickly becomes easier. If you love high fantasy books I highly recommend this one to you.

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