Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross-Review

A war between gods. A magical wardrobe-not a wardrobe-artifact, connecting two rivals. Forbidden love. Magic. Loss. Fate. Hatred. Love.

Forest was called to the front by the music of the goddess. His sister Iris was left to care for their mother. Having no choice but to find work she took a job at the Oath Gazette writing obituaries and the classifieds. She was in the running for a columnist job against her rival newcomer, Roman. Needless to say, they didn’t much care for each other. He was rude and dismissive from money and society. She was a poor school dropout.

Iris had been writing to her brother Forest since he left for the war front. Unfortunately she didn’t have an address for him so she slipped the letters into her wardrobe. The first time she did this she was surprised to see that the letters had disappeared. She didn’t receive any reply until months later and it definitely wasn’t Forest writing back to her.

Who was the mysterious person writing her? Why did she feel these feelings for Roman when he was her absolute rival? Why are soldiers disappearing from the front? Should she stay at the Gazette in perpetuity? Where is Forest? Are their monsters at the front? Which war-waging god is bad and which good? Perhaps both are bad? Or perhaps bad is relative.

I highly recommend this book. I’ve greatly enjoyed it and could not put it down. I’ve nothing but praise for it so take a chance on this one.

Divine Rivals is set to be released April of 2023.

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