The House of Lost Wives by Rebecca Hardy-Review

A highly enjoyable read! Lizzie and Esme are , two sisters growing up in a not so well to do family thanks to their father’s gambling addiction and their mother’s drunkenness. Esme, the older of the two, always made sure that her and Lizzie had food and shelter, although it was never quite enough. Soon Esme found herself married off Lord Blountford. She was whisked off to start a new life with a much older husband who she did not know in hopes of providing him an heir to his fortune and businesses. In return, Lord Blountford would pay her father’s debts. Misfortune would soon befall Esme as she ended up dead within a year of her marriage.

Lizzie was left alone and afraid. Having first lost her sister to marriage, then being assaulted by a very powerful man, and finally losing her sister to a mysterious death, she felt very lost. As if things couldn’t get any worse, during her birthday party she found out that Lord Blountford, her ex brother-in-law, had now acquired HER in marriage too. Poor Lizzie had very little choice in the matter and was sent off to his estate.

Once in Lord Blountford’s estate, Lizzie learned that her soon to be husband had lost an alarming four wives to mysterious deaths. What was happening in this house of lost wives? Was her own life in danger? To complicate matters even further, Lizzie has the gift of seeing the dead who have yet passed on and soon meets many of the previous Mrs. Blountfords.

This book was a thrill to read and I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening behind the scenes. It didn’t disappoint.


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