Becoming Crone by Lydia Hawke—Review

FINALLY! Finally we have a world where those of us older than 35 can look forward to our coming years. Becoming Crone is interestingly enough, a coming of age story. Perhaps, a coming into age story. Is that a thing? Well, I’m making it a thing.

The first in a series of books by Lydia Hawke follows Claire. Claire has just celebrated her 60th birthday and is about to enter into the best years of her life, quite literally. A divorced woman whose husband cheated on her and left her for a younger woman, seems rather down and out at her 60th party, of which SHE had to host. Content to live out a quiet life, always being there for others but feeling constantly alone. With the help of her neighbor and friend, Edie, they prepared the house for guests. Her young grandson gave her a gift of a beautiful antique pendant. He bought it for her as it had a magnifying glass and he figured she wouldn’t need her abundance of reading glasses. In fact, he ended up stealing all of her reading glasses which forces her to use the pendant glass to read the following morning’s newspaper which in-turn started an entire magical chain of events. Soon Claire would be led to find an address that doesn’t exist, with a house that shouldn’t exist, and new friends that can’t possibly exist. Her life will be in danger but she will come into her own. She will claim her destiny and join a long line of powerful women who show why wisdom is not wasted on the young.

Blending traditions and folklore, magic and mystery, truth and the truth we don’t know exists, Becoming Crone will be an amazing addition to this writer’s home library. I will be purchasing copies for all of my friends as well as with all of the books in the series. Buy this book for the women in your life. Trust me, they need it.

Find the entire series here.

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